This was discussed yesterday and it was suggested that I should enter a bug
for this.  Since then I have done a few experiments:

By default dom0 has 64M.  Under these condition make tools takes 24 minutes
on a js20.

make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/j9/xen-ppc/tools'

real    24m1.321s
user    0m34.716s
sys     0m23.272s

I have found this is about the case on average.  This is with the xen
source tree on nfs.  I dismiss this as a network related problem since I
see no evidence of this.

By changing xen to give 128M to each domain and therefore to dom0, the same
make, also with source over nfs takes less than 2 minutes.

make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/j9/xen-ppc/tools'

real    1m15.445s
user    0m32.800s
sys     0m14.753s

I will not enter this as a bug.  If anything the bug is that one might not
specify the memory size for dom0.

(On a related note, once we alter xen to give each domain 128M, xm create
no longer works.  Jimi is debugging this.)

Also I reported slowness for starting xend.  I am still working with this
and will post to the list as soon as I have more data.  Simply giving more
memory to dom0 does not fix the slow xend start problem.

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