ML is cc'ed cuz there is some good instrumentation tricks below.
It should concern us all that an any code we stuff in a domain can bring fron the whole box, so this is certainly relevant to the list. For those who do not know, some IBM researchers are trying to get a non-Linux OS running on XenPPC as a DomU

On Aug 24, 2006, at 12:03 AM, Orran Y Krieger wrote:

I got basic initialization, facts, did a few pritnfs after, and if I put in a while 1... i am able to see stuff on cosole. Unfortuantely, if I don't it crashes xen before I can get console up :-)

Are you posting an event from libOS?

May I suggest, for bringup, to put:
  int do_map_myself = 0;

!!! In your testos (not crt_init.c)
This will make your OS run 100% real mode, and will not use any MMU hcalls Then in xen:arch/powerpc/hcalls.c printk all hcalls you see that are not Dom0 and not console.
braket your printk with

to make sure your that output is not buffered

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