On Mon, 2006-08-28 at 23:20 +0000, Xen patchbot-xenppc-unstable wrote:
> [POWERPC] have tools explicitly allocate domU real mode areas
> - don't allocate RMA in arch_domain_create()
> - create new DOM0_ALLOC_REAL_MODE_AREA dom0_op
> - expose dom0 op through libxc and python bindings
> - move Xend memory allocation code into new allocMem() method
> - subclass XendDomainInfo to supply a PowerPC allocMem(), which
> understands
>   about RMAs and calls the new dom0 op
> - don't try to free_domheap_pages(NULL) (happened when destroying a
> domain
>   after creation error)
> - make allocate_rma() free previously allocated RMAs
> - set domain->shared_info in allocate_rma()
> - add CPU-specific cpu_rma_valid() accessor to make sure Xend chose a
> good size
> - allocate dom0's RMA in __start_xen() 

Note that you will need to update Linux if you pull this patch
(otherwise you'll see a message about an unknown dom0 op).

Hollis Blanchard
IBM Linux Technology Center

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