It is quite stable in that the secondary processors reliably join the
idle domain and wait for free pages to scrub, handling 0x980
with no problem.

What's this 980 exception?

Perhaps my phrasing is bad.  I was referring to the hypervisor
decrementor interrupt (hdec).

Ah yes, I forgot, thanks.

However, the domU's sometimes hang during initialization.  When the
domU hangs, it seems the whole machine freezes, including the serial

Most common cause of this is hanging the U3/U4.  Do you have a
hardware debugger to see where this happens?

I had a friend take a look at the state of cpu 0, but everything seems ok.
It looks like there is a race and occasionally one of the secondary
processors is hanging the U4.

Doing a cacheable load/store to HT (or something else on U4)


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