Been trying to increase the memory used for our library OS to 128Meg,

In ppc970.c switched the rma size to 128 meg:

unsigned int cpu_default_rma_order_pages(void)
-    return rma_orders[0].order - PAGE_SHIFT;
+    return rma_orders[1].order - PAGE_SHIFT;

Also, modified the configuraiton
# Initial memory allocation (in megabytes) for the new domain.
memory = 128

I got a series of hypervisor calls, but console output no longer worked.  My assumption was that start_info was moved, but as far as I can tell the memory location is hardcoded in the domain builder.
Got from amos a linux, and modified its configuraiton the same way.  It hit a bug in Xen:

(XEN) BUG at mm.c:383

I also changed xen to have an rma of 64Meg (i.e., undid the change above) and changed just the configuraiton file, and got the same BUG at mm.c:383

is there anything else needed to support 128 meg domu?
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