Hi All,
        I've been looking at the "xm top" command.  Currently this fails
with "Failed to retrieve statistics from libxenstat".  libxenstat makes
a getdomaininfo_list hypercall.  Doing a little digging it seems the
copy_to_guest_offset() call (dom0_ops.c:437) is returning -EFAULT.

If I compare getdomaininfo with getdomaininfo_list it looks to me that
the main difference is the destination for of the results.
getdomaininfo(), overwrites the u_dom0_op of the hypercall
getdomaininfolist(), places the results into a userspace buffer, whose
address comes in via the u_dom0_op.

I've poked around in xencomm_copy_to_guest and it seems that all the
addresses[] are XENCOMM_INVALID.  When makes be think that the address
we're trying to write to is bogus for some reason.

I'm not really sure I know what my question is other than to ask for
pointers on how narrow down what's missing on the ppc side to make this
type of hypercall work.

I'm not sure I'm on the right track here but I don't think that we're
passing copy_to_guest_offset(), a pointer that can successfully be cast
as a xencomm_desc.

Yours Tony

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