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> A very similar problem hits us when building Linux. Without __XEN__ or
> __XEN_TOOLS__ defined, Linux gets a __XEN_INTERFACE_VERSION__ of 0, and
> so the current API will never be used (regardless of what the tools
> tried to do).
> Are you intentionally requiring that Linux do this? If so, in which
> Linux header file would you like this to go?

It's defined for you in drivers/xen/Kconfig. All other arches then fold it
into CFLAGS in arch/<arch>/Makefile. This ensures that it is defined
absolutely *everywhere*, avoiding the possibility of having it defined as
latest versionin one place and zero in an other (which would be really
confusing). That's what I'd recommend for powerpc as well, even though it
probably requires you to modify a file that's otherwise 'Xen clean'.

> Or perhaps, since the kernel is acting as a proxy for the tools, you
> would rather see this?
> #define __XEN_TOOLS__

Yes, but only in the file that does the virt-to-phys conversions on the
domctl/sysctl interfaces.

 -- Keir

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