First time trying to boot Xen on JS20 - 
using SLOF_633 and Xen tree pulled this morning.


JS2XBlade Starting
 Check ROM  = OK
 Build Date = Aug 14 2006 16:51:58
 FW Version = JS2XFW6331
Press "s" to enter Open Firmware.

  Welcome to JS2x Open Firmware

  Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 2004 - 2006
  US Government  Users  Restricted  Rights  --  Use, duplication or
  disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.

Online CPUs: #0 #1 
0.5 GB of RAM @ 333 MHz
Switching top HT bus to 600MHz...
Disk drive identifies as: TOSHIBA MK4019GAXB                      
Disk drive identifies as: TOSHIBA MK4019GAXB                      

===================== VPD =====================
Machine Type        : 884221X
Machine Serial No.  : KPFXY4A
Hardware Revision   : 3 
Manuf. Date         : 3504
Part Number         : 24P8893     
FRU Number          : 13N1634     
FRU Serial No.      : ZJ1W0J48T12E
UUID                : d112ac980e6611d9acbf9251a5f4c08c
Firmware Rel. date  : 08/14/2006
Firmware Release    : 001
Firmware Build ID   : SLOF_633
vpd written
The currently active flashside is: 1 (temporary)
Stopping BMC watchdog...
parse-load net
Trying to load:  from: /ht/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/[EMAIL PROTECTED],1 ... 

 Bootloader 1.5 
  Reading MAC address from device: 00:0D:60:1E:34:41
  Requesting IP address via BOOTP:    30arp9.2.72.97
  Requesting file "lab097/xen" via TFTP
  Receiving data:  |/-...\
  TFTP: Received lab097/xen (3340 KBytes)
OF: Xen/PPC version 3.0-unstable ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) (gcc version 3.4.1) Wed 
Sep 13 11:36:45 EDT 2006
boot_of_init args: 0x0 0x0 0x111027c 0x128bd92 0x0
boot msr: 0x1000000000003000
boot_of_init: _start 0000000000400100 _end 0000000000756818 0x128bd92
boot_of_probemem: memory 0x0000000000000000[0x20000000]
bootargs = xen console=com2
boot_of_module: Dom0 is linked in: 0x470780[size 0x29cf7a]
mod0: 177 E L F
boot_of_module: mod[0] @ 0x0000000000470780[0x70d6fa]
find_space base=0x0000000000756818  eomem=0x0000000020000000  size=0x00030000  
creating oft
pkg_save: saved device tree in 0x2f20 bytes
boot_of_module: mod[1] @ 0x0000000000757000[0x787000]
pruning `/ht/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/[EMAIL PROTECTED]' from devtree
pruning `/ht/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/[EMAIL PROTECTED]' from devtree
boot_of_serial: ISA base: 0xf4000000
boot_of_serial: ISRC=0x44, but forcing poll mode
OF: timebase-frequency = 199840895 Hz
OF: clock-frequency = 1600000 KHz
spinning up secondary processor #1: ping = 0xffffffff: pong = 0x1
Quiescing Open Firmware ...

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