You lost console.
This can be deceiving. Blades have 2 UARTs and SLOF will multiplex output to both, but input from one.

On Sep 13, 2006, at 11:58 AM, poff wrote:
boot_of_probemem: memory 0x0000000000000000[0x20000000]
bootargs = xen console=com2
Here you announce that you will use com2 as your console when OF goes away.

spinning up secondary processor #1: ping = 0xffffffff: pong = 0x1
Quiescing Open Firmware ...

This is the last output from OF, after that we switch to using the serial/UART directly

It looks like you built Xen with those bootargs, try console=com1 instead or leave it out entirely.

BTW: you are gonna need Dom0 args at least at identify the root= file system, see how Linux without Xen will boot for this.


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