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1) As part of 'save', DomU is suspended, including some type of 'device migration'. cf 'def save' in XendCheckpoint.py Anyway, device migration does not return. Wondering
if anyone has run this type of code?

You are the pioneer here Dan, good luck.

2) How do you 'refresh' python? Modifying tools/python/xen/xend/*py for debugging then rebuilding and installing tools has no effect - old version of modules remains.
Currently I have to reboot to pickup debug versions...

When modifying xen/tools source I simply
  # make install-tools
  # xend restart

I have no confidence in the build system so a:
  # make -C tools clean
may be a good idea every once in a while

BTW: you _can_ gdb xend.

  # ps -ef | grep xend

Use the Pid of the process whose parent is not init (PID:1)
  # gdb /bin/python <pid>

WARNING, you are actually debugging all of python, but you can still gdb the libxc areas.

You may want to uncomment the following in tools/libxc/Makefile:
  #CFLAGS   += -DVALGRIND -O0 -ggdb3

Also a good GDB trick is to use "rbreak" which can set breakpoint by regular expressions so:
  (gdb) rb ^xc_.*
will set a break point in all libxc calls.

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