I can't attend the meeting and I haven't taken the time to figure out how to update my wiki status page (wasn't obvious, even after Hollis told me to login).

I am again able to run Xen plus Linux on Mambo, after the few tcl tweaks suggested by others.

I am up-to-date with integrating my noHV changes with the latest from linux-ppc-2.6 and xenppc-unstable in that the diffs look as they did in early August and I get clean builds.  Linux runs fine with a ramdisk as dom0 as long as noHV is not activated.  When noHV is activated, there is a regression from my status of early August in that there is an unexpected HV dec interrupt.  I will have to debug further.

The plan is still to get this running on Mambo again, as in early August, then bring up on a JS2x.  Advice will be needed from Maria as to integration withh her previous bringup work and which actual blade to use.  Finally, will move to Apple G5.
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