Le Mercredi 13 Septembre 2006 18:42, Stefan Berger a écrit :
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote on 09/13/2006 11:00:16 AM:
> > That is where the (non-inline) ACM/multiboot functions should live; not
> > in a header file.
> I could move them there but that would include the architecture-dependent
> #ifdef's.
> > > What about the multiboot code. Do you think PPC will be able to also
> > > use this part? Not that I would move it, it's more out of curiosity.
> >
> > Well, that ifdef will need changing. Why must it exist at all, is it
> > some weirdness of Xen/x86-64?
> Yes, on x86-64 we need that. It would be possible to define MACROs for
> x86-64 and i386 so the code could look the same. It will be necessary to
> do either that for ia64 and ppc as well, or we just leave the #ifdef's in
> the ACM code.

sorry for the late reply, I am just back from holidays.

It seems you patch has not yet been merged.  Is there any reason ?
I'd like to see it in the repository, it will help me to enable ACM on ia64.

> Either way is fine by me. From what I could find, there's at
> least grub available for ia64, so chances that ia64 can also use the
> multiboot code are high.
Yes I am porting grub to ia64.  I am not sure it could use multiboot as is 
because multiboot is not 64 bits ready.


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