> I don't know if I'm off base but have you added appropriate code to 
> linux? specifically arch/powerpc/platforms/xen/hcall.c ?

An existing hypercall, viz #36, do_domctl, provides several commands to access 
guest domains.
For example, XEN_DOMCTL_getmemlist and XEN_DOMCTL_max_mem. Thought I would add 
another to
copy the htab, XEN_DOMCTL_gethtab. So I think no modification is needed to 

The problem is hcall_xen() never sees the do_domctl hypercall when it includes 
the new command...
On the tools side, do_xen_hypercall() receives the do_domctl, calls 
do_privcmd() which calls ioctl().

Looks like the tools is issuing the hypercall, but xen does not receive it...
The tools application does receive the ENOSYS error, but cannot see where it is 

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