What's really interesting to me about this is that the invocation of the
icache invalidation did not go in till later.  So if anything we could find
this to be even more reliable one the other changes are also picked up.

I missed this:  what is transient?

I would like to suggest that the SMP patch be applied to the base, and that
in those case where we known that SMP fails, like on maples,  we use the
nosmp option.

Maria Butrico    <internet or sametime: [EMAIL PROTECTED];     Notes:
Maria Butrico/Watson/IBM>

             [EMAIL PROTECTED]                                             
             10/03/2006 11:54          xen-ppc-devel@lists.xensource.com   
             AM                                                         cc 
                                       Automated reliability report for    
                                       SMP patch on JS2x                   

An automated process has boooted Xen on two JS21 blades and one JS20
blade a total of 1241 times, recording 0 failures and 1237 passes, using
a correctness criteria of the creation of four domU's for the first
JS21, the launch of the ssh daemon for the second JS21, and the creation
of two domU's for the JS20.

The version of Xen used was changeset dd95dd13cd3e+, which is the
following tip of tree changeset plus the bootargs simplification patch
plus the SMP patch:

 changeset:   12184:02f6e775deb1
 user:        Jimi Xenidis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 date:        Mon Oct 02 11:07:54 2006 -0400
 summary:     Add Function to completely flush the I-Cache for a processor


changeset   : dd95dd13cd3e+
machine     : cso92
pass        : 401
fail        : 0
transient   : 3
total       : 404
reliability : 100.0%

changeset   : dd95dd13cd3e+
machine     : kpblade7
pass        : 423
fail        : 0
transient   : 1
total       : 424
reliability : 100.0%

changeset   : dd95dd13cd3e+
machine     : kpblade1
pass        : 413
fail        : 0
transient   : 0
total       : 413
reliability : 100.0%

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