Kawachiya-san, seems that your problem today is different from yesterday. You have however not answered any of my questions. So here is goes again.
Kawachiya-san, can you tell us exactly what kind of js20 is this.  I just
learned that there are two, the 21X (of which we have some in Yorktown) and
the GA2.  You can tell from the machine/model type.

When you boot the machine, during the firmware bring up, how many
processors are reported?

(for the list: I am asked this question because there was a problem coming up MP)

I assume that yesterday, once you changed xen to boot UP, you were suppling the same command line to dom0 via yaboot, but what did dom0 really get?

Your error message yesterday was

     Root-NFS: No NFS server available, giving up.
     VFS: Unable to mount root fs via NFS, trying floppy.

Obviously today you have regressed, but still we need answers to all those questions.

Kiyokuni Kawachiya wrote:
[XenPPC] [xenppc-unstable] [POWERPC][XEN] Remove boot wrapper, and
extensive Makefile simplifications.

It seems that the above change made my XenPPC unbootable from local disk.

I had been booting XenPPC through yaboot by adding the following lines to
/etc/yaboot.conf of SLES10.
(The /boot/xen-3.0-unstable is copied from xen/xen in the build tree.)

image = /boot/xen-3.0-unstable
    label = xen
    append = "xen -- root=/dev/hda3 sysrq=1 insmod=sym53c8xx insmod=ipr"

However, after the patch, yaboot failed to load the image with the
following message.

Welcome to yaboot version 10.1.14-r716.SuSE
Enter "help" to get some basic usage information
boot: xen
Please wait, loading kernel...
Can't find a loadable segment !

Is there any workaround to boot the new image from local disk?

Kiyokuni Kawachiya / IBM Tokyo Research Lab.

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