> I took a look at the situation.  It boils down to this:
>  1. In the internal Xen tree, there is a bug (my fault) in which
>     firmware bootargs are overridden by the builtin "xen" bootarg.  This
>     is fixed (by Hollis) in the current public Xen tree.

Thanks, I just checked it.

>  2. In the internal Xen tree, the SMP patch apparently causes
>     dom0 Linux to fail on Kawachiya's JS20, but no other JS20.

One possible reason is the difference of JS20 blade.
My JS20 is 884241X, and others are 21X.

>  3. In the public Xen tree, the 32-bit objcopy produces an image that
>     Kawachiya's yaboot apparently cannot load.
> The catch-22 is that if Maria updates the internal tree to get the fixes
> in the public tree, the bootargs problem will go away, but the yaboot
> problem will appear.
> So we really need to know what yaboot is complaining about.

I will try Jimi's suggestion from now.


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