(Note: I'm going only on the information provided in this mail, so if
I'm missing a bigger picture, please let me know)

>> REASON: Device is not actually attached to domU FAIL:
>> 04_block_attach_device_repeatedly_pos.test

This test starts a domain (not necessarily with any disk) and
attaches and detaches a disk several times.

JX> the scrip tbuild for 01_block_attach_device_pos.test is missing
JX> the "disk=" definition.

...which is perfectly valid...

JX> This is not easily fixed AFAICT.  

The domain configuration object will create a "disk=" line if disks
have been added to the domain object before the domain is created.

JX> Any thougths on this would be appreciated.

Does block-{attach,detach} work on PPC?

Dan Smith
IBM Linux Technology Center
Open Hypervisor Team

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