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> I cannot speak for Hollis (I think he may actually disagree with me)
> but see this as an opportunity to design something better, or at
> least have the debat (again).
> What might be a better alternative an to actually have an allocate
> call rather than an mlock call where the arches and OSes could to
> what is best for them.
> So what is done on x86 could be:
>    do { x = alloca(len); mlock (x, len); } while (0)
> but where solaris and other arches could do something more.

It would change the API too, since memory buffers passed in by callers to
libxc would also need to be allocated in a special way. Unless you would be
prepared to perform the hypercall on a shadow buffer and then copy to the
caller buffer, which I suppose would be a simpler API.

John's patch is fine for now.

 -- Keir

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