I just saw a case of the timebase sync hang using vanilla Xen/PPC:

 changeset:   12468:9148f7816d00
 tag:         tip
 user:        Jimi Xenidis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 date:        Tue Oct 24 19:11:00 2006 -0400
 summary:     [TOOLS][POWERPC]fixes to put back commandline in prose builder

The console output looked like this:

 (XEN) Physical RAM map:
 (XEN)   0000000000000000: 0000000020000000
 (XEN) End of Xen Area: 39MiB (40608KiB)
 (XEN) End of RAM: 512MiB (524288KiB)
 (XEN) Xen Heap: 35MiB (36828KiB)
 (XEN) Dom Heap: 466MiB (477536KiB)
 (XEN) CPU[PIR:0 IPI:0 Logical:0] Hello World!
 (XEN) spinning up at most 16 total processors ...
 (XEN) Synchronizing timebase

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