First, I really appreciate you updating the wiki, I think its awesome!

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+ === Example ===
+ Have a machine with Linux install on /dev/hda3. We do not have any parameters to pass to the Xen hypervisor. So once + SLOTH firmware loads up. You will PXE boot the Xen image built (no command line paramters specified in the build) and specify the parameters on here:

What do you mean "PXE boot"? I think this is an intel/x86 world term.
This is a standard Open Firmware command:
  "boot <device> <params>"

Specifically, (assuming you have not defined the file, IP configuration, and TFTP server) in this case you will be TFTPing the image that that a BOOTP packet tells "net1" to load

+ {{{
+ boot net1 xen -- root=/dev/hda3
+ }}}

+ <!> - note the word "xen" is placed as the parameter for the Hypervisor because you cannot have no parameter, so just put somehting that will just be dropped.

Is this _still_ true? I think at some point Xen actually wanted to see this string to verify that the person actually wanted to boot Xen and has since been removed. You should be able to boot without it, if not we need to find out why.


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