Hi Yi, a few general comments about submitting patches:

     1. As I told you before, do not use Thunderbird. It corrupts the
        whitespace so your patches do not apply. 
     2. You should include a "patch 0" with a description of what this
        patchset accomplishes. The description should also indicate if
        you believe the patches are ready to be applied, or if you're
        just sending them out to get comments from other developers.
        Tools like "hg email" (part of the "MQ" Mercurial extension)
        will do this for you automatically. 
     3. Each patch should contain a single logical change. For example,
        adding support for "getshadowlist" should be a single patch,
        with no unrelated changes in it. 
     4. Each patch should apply, build, and accomplish something useful
        depending only on the patches before it. In this case, patches 1
        and 2 won't even build, because XEN_DOMCTL_getshadowlist isn't
        defined until patch 3. As maintainer, I should be able to accept
        only patch 1, or only patches 1 and 2, or patches 1, 2, and 3. 
     5. You must include a Signed-off-by line with each patch. See
for the explanation.

Hollis Blanchard
IBM Linux Technology Center

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