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# HG changeset patch
# User Jimi Xenidis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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[XEN] The VIO rewrite


I gave the newtwork tests a spin with this patch.  After 4 hours I
stopped the tests.

I see a bunch of these warnings on the xen console.
(XEN) allocated RMA for Dom[13]: 0x18000000[0x4000000]
(XEN) Domain[13].0: initializing
(XEN) WARN at /home/tony/Xen/xenppc-unstable.hg.working/xen/include/ asm/mm.h:262
(XEN) [000000000000F8A0] 000000000040D8B4 .gmfn_to_mfn+0x70/0xa4

Ok, This happens because a foreign map might have been unmapped to early, I saw this early on, but thought I nailed it. guess not.

On the bright side, asside from the fact the tests are taking a long time, at
least some of them are succeeding.

Blade4:~/xm-test # egrep '(PASS|FAIL|SKIP)' network_vio.output
XFAIL: 02_network_local_ping_pos.test
PASS: 03_network_local_tcp_pos.test
PASS: 04_network_local_udp_pos.test
XPASS: 05_network_dom0_ping_pos.test
PASS: 06_network_dom0_tcp_pos.test
PASS: 07_network_dom0_udp_pos.test
XFAIL: 11_network_domU_ping_pos.test
FAIL: 12_network_domU_tcp_pos.test
FAIL: 13_network_domU_udp_pos.test

Is there a difference between "PASS" and "XPASS"?

I tried runnig quick and it took a long time, the system was unresponsive.
much like:

I really need to get to the bottom tod that one.

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