On 10/11/06 08:45, "Isaku Yamahata" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> - introduce guest_handle_add_offset_after_continuatiton() and
>   replace guest_handle_add_offset() in memory.c with it.
>   leave do_multicall() and guest_console_write() as is.

This is the best option I think. But I'm loathe to make it part of the
guest_handle API. We should avoid getting into this mess in the first place
for future hypercalls, so this will be a memory-specific function.

We should stick it at the top of memory.c, with a comment and make it a
no-op dependent on something like ARCH_HAS_XENCOMM (or just __ia64__ ||
__powerpc__ would be fine, actually, since it's just one place).

 -- Keir

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