Howdy all,
        I'm having problems getting what should be a reasonably
fundamental operation working.

I have a set of xenheap pages that I'm initialising and then attempting
to map in to dom0 (This is for hcall tracing [ xen/common/trace.c ])

If I dump that pages (or parts thereof) from xen I get the expected
contents, when trying to dump them from the dom0 kernel I get random

So my question is should share_xen_page_with_guest() work for xenheap

I'm pretty confident that share_xen_page_with_guest() works as it's used
for grant tables.
Page in xen:
memdump(): 0000   0xa5a5 0xa5a5 (0x734000)
memdump(): 0004   0xa5a5 0xa5a5 (0x734000)
page in dom0 kernel:
memdump(): 0000   0x0000 0x0001 (0xf7fdf000)
memdump(): 0004   0xffff 0xffff (0xf7fdf000)

the userspace tools are locating the correct mfn for the pages I'm
trying to map.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can look at to work out why I'm not
getting that page I think I should be getting?

Also, this may or may not be related.

If I don't call down to share_xen_page_with_guest() I would have
expected to get some form of oops or crash, but the machine exhibits the
same behavior.  Actually that probably indicates that I'm getting a
kernel pages rather than xen page.

Yours Tony ||
   Jan 15-20 2007      The Australian Linux Technical Conference!

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