Things have gone from bad to worse for me, likely being the only person 
currently trying to run Xen on Mambo.  You may (or may not) recall my 
previous note of Nov 12 (copied at the bottom of this note) where I 
described symptoms that had Xen loaded, executing and complaining that 
theDom0 image was not Xen-compatible Elf.  I haven't had time to follow 
any advice given then to debug this, but I have kept current builds with 
all changes pushed since then.  The symptoms have remained the same until 
today, when I pulled changes described in 5 patchbot emails (4 Xen, 1 
Linux).  Builds are clean.  Now, with trees as pushed (no mods of mine) 
the symptoms are as immediately below.  It seems that boot_of is failing 
before Xen is loaded and executing.

I am on vacation this week in the midwest, but eventually I will get 
around to working on this.  First, I will probably rebuild Mambo to be 
current, since mine is from August, but I doubt that will change anything. 
 Then, I will probably pull trees from about Nov 9 or 10, to get a system 
that runs on Mambo, and apply patches one at a time to isolate the patches 
that cause these two problems.  In the meantime, if anyone else cares 
about Xen on Mambo, they will likely first encounter this boot_of failure 
and, if they fix it, then encounter the Dom0 not Elf problem.  Any advice 
for me ( when I eventually work on this) or debugging of this by others 
is, of course, quite welcome.

Thanks, Mark

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/a/kix/homes/kix/mergen/mambo-x86/mambo/run/gpul/xen$ 
../run_cmdline -f xen.tcl
Using xen.tcl instead of .systemsim.tcl
Licensed Materials - Property of IBM.
(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 2001, 2006
All Rights Reserved.
To debug mambo with gdb: attach 14799
Set RTC to 22:26:59 of 6/13/2002
WARNING: 0: **unused** mysim: /UART/enabled = off
WARNING: 0: **unused** mysim: /UART/end = 0
WARNING: 0: **unused** mysim: /UART/frequency = 1/10000
WARNING: 0: **unused** mysim: /UART/intr = 0
WARNING: 0: **unused** mysim: /UART/start = 0
WARNING: 0: **unused** mysim: kdebug_enable = 1
WARNING: 0: **unused** mysim: kdebug_real = 0x2042000
WARNING: 0: **unused** mysim: kdebug_size = 0x4000000
WARNING: 0: **unused** mysim: kdebug_virtual = 0xC000000000000000
LOAD : Opening ELF image file: xen
Elf text start address saved is 0x0000000000400000
LOAD : ELF startup: PC=0x0000000000400000, msr=0x1000000000000000
LOAD :              gpr[1]=0x000000001FFFFF90, gpr[2]=0x0000000000000000
loading dom0 from: dom0
systemsim % c
27905: (27948): ---------------------------------------------------
37902: (37963): OF: Xen/PPC version 3.0-unstable ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) 
(gcc version 4.1.2 20060613 (prerelease) (Debian 4.1.1-5)) Wed Nov 22 
23:48:34 EST 2006
45152: (45224): boot_of_init args: 0x500000 0x6a0578 0xf0000000 0x0 0x0
46367: (46440): boot msr: 0x1000000030000000
51441: (51521): boot_of_init: _start 0000000000400000 _end 
00000000004d52b0 0x0
66278: (66364): bootargs = xen -- init=/bin/bash iommu=off lpj=0x260000
71817: (71912): boot_of_module: Dom0 was loaded and found using 
r3/r4:0x500000[size 0x6a0578]
74133: (74230): mod0: 177 E L F
78812: (78915): boot_of_module: dom0 mod @ 0x0000000000500000[0xba0578]
83985: (84096): boot_of_module: dom0 mod string: init=/bin/bash iommu=off 
88284: (88397): Could not allocate RTAS tree

89773: (89886): HANG

Mark F Mergen/Watson/IBM 
11/12/2006 02:14 PM


Xen says Linux dom0 is not a Xen-compatible Elf image

I was current with linux-ppc-2.6.hg and xenppc-unstable.hg as of about 
Thursday and my noHV systems were woking fine.  This weekend, I pulled 
changes from both trees and rebuilt everything.  Now, I get the following 
error during bringup.  This occurs even with totally unmodified trees (the 
messages below were produced by such unmodified trees).  Was there a 
change in expected executable file format?  Do I need to change my config 
and make procedures?  Were there corresponding changes to Mambo required 
and do I need to rebuild Mambo?

Thanks, Mark

(XEN) allocated RMA for Dom[0]: 0x4000000[0x4000000]
(XEN) Scrubbing Free RAM: ......done.
(XEN) Trying Dom0 as 64bit ELF
(XEN) DOM0 image is not a Xen-compatible Elf image.
(XEN) Trying Dom0 as 32bit ELF
(XEN) DOM0 image is not a Xen-compatible Elf image.
(XEN) ****************************************
(XEN) Panic on CPU 0:
(XEN) Could not set up DOM0 guest OS
(XEN) ****************************************
(XEN) Reboot in five seconds... 
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