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Is Xen/PPC is reliant on any OF/RTAS services being resident.

Doing a quick grep of the code turns up what looks to be
calls to initialize the rtas, and calls to rtas halt and reboot

We instantiate RTAS only for IBM JS2x because there is no public specification available on how to perform halt and reboot directly on these machines. For this reason the FW (SLOF) provides us with RTAS methods for performing this task. Newer JS21s will soon have devtree entries so we can access the IPMI logic on these boards, when that happens we will probably cease to use RTAS for these operations and use IPMI. So really we consider RTAS as a last resort.

Do you know if Xen relies in any other way on services being
available by resident firmware?

Xen does _not_ rely on RTAS, but it _can_ use it if it needs to.
Another example where we would have to use RTAS more is if we ported to a PPC platform that did not publish the IO host-bridge specification but abstracts it using RTAS, in that case we would not only use but, but we would actually have to virtualize it as well.


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