I now think the console prints in previous mail are useless.
Example 2 runs while example 3 wedges, yet the prints are
roughly equivalent...

Also today there have been several runs similar to example 2.
I modified python code to skip the 'unpause' at the end of
domain restore. The drill: boot, xend start, xm restore,
then another activity eg rebuild tools or search kernel tree,
finally xm unpause. The guest domain often runs ok!

If the 'other activity' is skipped and restored domain
is unpaused immediately, almost always wedges.

However, sometimes the restored domain will wedge regardless
of other activity or multiple trys at restoring.

Earlier this week I was sure the wedging occured due to interrupts
or execptions in a loop, but have placed some counters, but see
nothing when wedging (via BUG() or printk()). Have not installed
gdb or tracing patches, thinking would not help with interrupt problems.

Yi thought there may be some kernel initialization during boot
that is missing with restore...

Anyway I see no way to proceed without knowing where the wedge occurs.

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