I've been trying to get systemsim-gpul working with the 
latest Xen-PPC.

The last changeset that worked was 7ad4645e7a54 (11/22/06).

Changeset ce8c1e26b2ae (Early boot memory avoidance improvemnts)
broke the simulator with the 'Could not allocate RTAS tree' / HANG

With changeset 878ce1f78ad3 (Fix systemsim-gpul failure to boot)
and later changesets the RTAS allocation / HANG problem is fixed
but the simulator still won't boot into Linux.

If I compare logs of the working and non-working Xen/Linux runs
in the simulator, with the current Xen Linux hangs near the end
of its boot.   Last messages from Linux are:

    i2c /dev entries driver IPv4 over IPv4 tunneling driver
    TCP bic registered
    NET: Registered protocol family 1
    NET: Registered protocol family 17

...then nothing.

Shortly after this point in the boot is where the RAMDISK is
decompressed and accessed.  I'm wondering if the boot related memory
improvements have affected a RAMDISK built into Linux and Xen.

Has anyone else had recent changesets working on the simulator?


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