On Jan 9, 2007, at 12:34 PM, Segher Boessenkool wrote:

Wait a minute, doesn't systemsim has a passthrough call for memmove? If
we should wire that up then this won't impact performance at all.

We were/are trying to eliminate all simulator specific passthrus in the Xen core code.

That sounds rather counterproductive.  What's wrong with
having some minimal passthroughs?  They help performance
a *lot*, it's quite painful to run without.  Of course,
a command line option to disable it would be nice.

There are currently only 3 large copies in xen, dom0-kernel, dom0- initrd (optional), and dom0-devtree after that the passthru gains us very little since the passthru is unavailable to the domain since the passthru requires machine addresses. Thing is in fast mode systemsim is good enuff, right now the biggest simulation problem is uncompressing kernels, and even that is not so bad. We have only one required on_sim() call and that is because systemsim does not provide a DART simulation (which means that any IO is unusable). Further more, I'm hoping to see more simulators each having more accelerators further complicating the passthru logic.
I'd rather simply push back to the simulators.

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