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On 1/1/07 12:21 am, "Rik van Riel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

XenSource has usually been less than useful when it comes
to tracking the upstream kernel.  I suspect they'll be
obsoleted by KVM and/or lhype at some point in the future,
because those will just be there in the upstream kernel
while Xen won't.

If XenSource has any intention of having Xen stay relevant
in the future, they'll want to seriously pursue an upstream
merge of their code.

There are ongoing efforts from (at least) XenSource, Novell, Red Hat and IBM to merge Xen support into upstream Linux. The paravirt_ops infrastructure is already merged for 2.6.20 and we will hopefully see implementations of the
new interface, including Xen, merged for 2.6.21.

As for the Linux sparse tree in xen-unstable, it will be upgraded and moved to a separate repository before 3.0.5. With the guest kernel interfaces
having been stable for some time, it makes lots of sense to separate
hypervisor development and its release cycle from that of guest kernels.

Sorry for the disconnected reply, but is there a time line for this?
how can other help?
The xen-ppc team is lagging behind both kernel.org and sen-unstable and we've lost all hope of regaining a common root.


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