Could you provide a little more info-- error messages, build command
You have confirmed that the init ramdisk itself is no corrupt through
yaboot, correct?


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        I've been having some trouble netbooting linux on a JS21 with an
initramfs, and wanted to see if there were any known issues, etc. Are
there any difficulties in netbooting as an image on a JS21 with an
initramfs/initrd? Any secret voodoo? I'm using Maria's branch of the
linux-ppc kernel both on bare-metal, and on Xen, and I netboot both.
Since I've successfully compiled the Dom0 kernel into Xen, so am just
concerned with the step of getting the initramfs into the linux kernel. 
        I've followed the instructions straight from the xensource
powerpc wiki for building an initrd. I've also tried compiling using the
specify initramfs source config option in the build process. I can
successfully boot with an initramfs using yaboot, if I specify an option
for it, but I have not successfully booted with an initial image over
netboot, or through yaboot with all the bootargs compiled into the
        Any help or pointers are appreciated. 
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