I'm facing an interesting problem and I was wondering if anyone on the
list (Jimi) could answer it.

So in the xencomm patch that has been floating the list I have functions
xencomm_map & xencomm_map_early . Now currently they return physcial
addresses regardless of the case. BUT, in the cases where they are not
inline I face a BIG problem. As I have no way to truly translate back to
a virtual address to free the memory with xencomm_free (__va() isn't
going to cut it). So I currently have a patch (yet to go to the list)
that has xencomm_map & early returning a phyiscal address if it's inline
and a virtual address if it is not.

Well then I have a hack in xencomm_vtop that says if the address has bit
XENCOMM_INLINE_FLAG. Then just return the address, since you are already
physical. So when xencomm_pa() is used within the code it will return
the proper address.

Is this acceptable? I'm not sure of any other way of going about this
since there is no good way to translate back to a virtual address to use

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