This patchset moves start_info_t creation to Linux by adding fields to
the flat devtree that Linux uses to create a start_info_t.

Patch1: move_shared_page_definition_to_public_header.patch:

Now that libxc is responsible for populating the devtree with the address
of the console and store pages we need to expose the contract between
the hypervisor and libxc.  The first patch moves shared page location
variables into a public header (arch-powerpc.h).

Patch2: add_start_info_to_devtree.patch

This patch is described here[1].  Changes since the previous post

- move address calculation out from make_devtree() into the
  caller (libxc in this case) as this code will be re-used in the
  hypervisor for constructing dom0's flat devtree.
- conditionally reserve each shared page if a valid address is passed
- conditionally include nodes /xen/console, /xen/store if valid
  addresses are provided
- use machine address in flat devtree, Linux converts to "mfn" in early
  setup as needed for start_info_t

Patch3: linux_create_start_info_t.patch

Previous description here[2].

- convert store and console machine address to "mfns" for start_info_t

Patch4: sync_ppc_with_unstable_for_start_info_t.patch

No changes.


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