Hollis Blanchard wrote:
> I can't just ifdef PowerPC's xc_linux_build back in, because libelf
> doesn't map page-by-page like the old ELF loader did. That means I need
> to pre-map the memory, which starts dragging in xc_dom infrastructure.

You don't need more xc_dom infrastructure, I've tried to make the libelf
bits independant of the xc_dom stoff for exactly that reason.

Have a look at the hvm loader (xc_hvm_build.c).  It uses libelf too, it
has a loadelfimage() which maps the memory, calls elf_load_binary,
unmaps again.  You could do that too.

Oh, and an example of page-by-page loading using libelf is in

> What is the difference between dom->shadow_enable and
> xc_dom_feature_translated()?

It's identical now I think.  In the early days (before split-off elf
handling code to libelf) I've tried to use the new domain builder for
hvm too, the logic whevener pfn->mfn translation is needed was a bit
more complex than just looking up shadow_enabled.


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