Hi Keir, please pull from

I finally have beaten the domain builder into shape, which required a
moving some x86 and ia64 code around. I've also fixed a few other build
and runtime bugs that came down from recent xen-unstable changes.

Separate topic:

At this point, all PowerPC code is merged up. Because I was importing
changesets from xenppc-unstable into xenppc-unstable-merge by hand,
there's a bunch of old history left in xenppc-unstable. I would like to
merge that in. The following commands executed in xen-unstable should do
the right thing:
        hg tip
        hg pull http://xenbits.xensource.com/ext/xenppc-unstable.hg
        HGMERGE=/bin/true hg -y merge
        hg revert -a <old tip>
        hg commit

It looks like that will bring in about 775 changesets without changing
any code, but that's the amount of work you would have gotten all along;
it's just coming in all at once (flooding xen-changelog). Also, not all
of them have proper DCO lines. What do you think?

(In general, I will say that manually importing selected changesets from
a "development" tree into a "merge" tree was a bad idea, and I would be
happy to elaborate for anybody who is considering this model.)

Hollis Blanchard
IBM Linux Technology Center

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