How does the inclusion of the code in the subdir platform/xen work in xenppc-linux - Does it replace the bare metal code in platform/pseries or does it "extend" it in any way? Xen has has at least a completely own define_machine section there so I assume "replace".
The issue is that I ask myself if I should add something like:
a) in function "pSeries_setup_arch" of "arch/powerpc/platforms/pseries/setup.c"
+   if (?XEN?)
+       ppc_md.enable_pmcs = pseries_xen_enable_pmcs;
m   else if (firmware_has_feature(FW_FEATURE_LPAR))
        ppc_md.enable_pmcs = pseries_lpar_enable_pmcs;
        ppc_md.enable_pmcs = power4_enable_pmcs;


b) go to the xen path and do this in function "xen_setup_arch" of "arch/powerpc/platforms/xen/setup.c"
with something like this:

+        ppc_md.enable_pmcs = pseries_xen_enable_pmcs;

        printk(KERN_INFO "Using Xen idle loop\n");

According to the Makefile of "arch/powerpc/plattforms" both are build anyway. As far as I read it in the code the platform is detected at boot time and the appropriate ppc_md structure gets selected which should be the only xen structure in our case. This would argue for variant b) to implement it in "arch/powerpc/platforms/xen/*" Can someone with more experience in that area please send an ack for b) or correct me?


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