Hollis Blanchard wrote:
On Wed, 2007-04-18 at 09:04 +0200, Christian Ehrhardt wrote:
[XEN][POWERPC] Fix Xen-GDB Stub (smp_sen_stop, E00 on unknown command,
remove printk prefix)
- Remove BUG() from smp_stop_all(), common code changes added a call
to this - changed to unimplemented().
- remove the printk prefix "(XEN) " when falling into gdb, because gdb
tried to parse the "(XEN) " response sometimes
- return E00 on unknown command (thx to jimi)

Without the "(XEN)" prefix, won't GDB still try to parse printk output
as packets?

I have not analyzed this very deep - It was only a means to an end for
me and after removing the prefix the following did no more appear, so I
kept this change in the patch:
Sending packet: $qC#b4...putpkt: Junk: (XEN) Bad ack:
It is possible that this did no more appear because of other (unkown)

But as direct answer to your question, yes GDB will still try to parse
printk output if it gets one. Maybe I can restore the "(XEN) " prefix
and implement some kind of filter in gdbproxy if I have some minutes
free for it. Alternatively the xen printk behavior could be changed
starting from the point where I re-set the prefix, but I think it is not
a xen task to filter it's own messages because there is a debugger
attached ;)
So I think a filter for that printk's in gdbproxy should be the real
solution to prevent gdb from interpreting printk output as "junk".


Grüsse / regards,
Christian Ehrhardt

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