After fixing the bad paddr stuff with the workaround the next issue I faced were connection errors:

Unable to open connection to hypervisor URI 'xen':
virsh: error: failed to connect to the hypervisor

After debugging a bit the problem looks pretty trivial - libvirt tries to access
But according to netstat -eeapn we have only
unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING 17684 3683/python /var/run/xend/xen-api.sock unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING 17687 3683/python /var/run/xend/xmlrpc.sock

Since there is now a api/rpc this might be a 3.1 change not reflected in libvirt or not configured locally.
In my libvirt src from cvs 01.07. it's still hardcoded in xend_internal.c:
 xenDaemonOpen_unix(conn, "/var/lib/xend/xend-socket");
Still that way in the latest cvs updated today.

The default config of xend as it is currently in the repostitory seems to have the config in /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp default to no and commented out:
 #(xend-unix-server no)
change this to
 (xend-unix-server yes)


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