On Jul 10, 2007, at 9:22 AM, Christian Ehrhardt wrote:

Jimi Xenidis wrote:
Now Executed in a xenppc DomU
Hello World!
-bash: ./hellobit.64: No such file or directory
hmm.. this works just fine for me and should have nothing to do with Xen at all, unless your block device does not work :)
can you cat it? ls it? file it?
Yes I can (tested it already). Hollis suggested that there may be some compat libraries missing but I did not find an obvious one missing. And thats right, some links in /lib64 were broken while I created the DomU image files from my Dom0 some months ago.
I should never trust rpm -qa without checking file existence ;-)

ahh I see, so the "No such file or directory" refers to /lib64/ ld64.so.1 which is the interpreter for the dynamic executable?
  $ objdump -s -j .interp hellobit.64

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