On Fri, 2007-08-10 at 09:56 +0800, Jun Hui Bu wrote:
> According to the instructions in Xen wiki, Xen could not set up DOM0
> guest OS(SLES10 SP1) when try it on JS20. Would you please help take a
> look it? Thanks a lot!

How old is your source? The boot log contains this line:
> OF: Xen/PPC version 3.0-unstable ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) (gcc version 4.1.2 
> 20070115 (prerelease) (SUSE Linux)) Sun Sep 9 09:34:58 EDT 2007
... which is clearly inaccurate.

What exact command line are you using to build Xen? How are you
attaching your dom0?

I've never used yaboot to boot Xen, but please paste your "xen" yaboot
config. I find this interesting in particular:
> boot_of_module: Dom0 was loaded and found using r3/r4:0xf00000[size 0x35d000]
> mod0: 63 L 3 Ì
> boot_of_module: dom0 mod @ 0x0000000000f00000[0x125d000]

That "mod0" output looks suspicious if it's supposed to be an ELF

Hollis Blanchard
IBM Linux Technology Center

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