Dor Laor wrote:
> On 11/08/2010 04:55 AM, M A Young wrote:
>> I am trying to work out whether it is practical to propose Dom0 xen
>> support as a feature for Fedora 15.
>> The kernel situation is that Domain 0 has been accepted upstream for
>> 2.6.37. Assuming a 3 month kernel release cycle, F15 will most likely ship
>> with a 2.6.37.x kernel, with 2.6.38 coming out either after the F15
>> release or just before but too late to be included. If the plan to get key
>> xen drivers into 2.6.38 succeeds, then F15 may be become usable as a
>> Domain 0 system at some point during its lifetime as the kernel package in
>> a Fedora version typically has one major update.
>> If the kernel team accept backported patches then it might just be
>> possible to ship F15 with usable Domain 0 support but the timescale for
>> that would be very tight.
>> The other thing we would need to consider is what needs to be done to make
>> xen friendly enough to be usable by an ordinary user. The page
>> contains plans from
>> when dom0 xen support was expected to make a quick return to Fedora, but
>> they are a couple of years old now so probably need updating.
>> I think as a minimum we would need a way to add a dom0 enabled grub entry
>> for a kernel, rather than requiring the user to hand edit the grub file.
>> We should also make sure that xen works with the other Fedora
>> virtualisation tools.
>> What do others think about this? For example is it achievable as a
>> feature, is it too early and better to wait for F16, and what else should
>> we aim to do to make xen usable in Fedora?
> Have you consider kvm? it's upstream since 2.6.20 and now its more ready
> than ever.

There are some good tutorials which should explain the difference 
between xen and kvm, particularly the performance and hardware 
requirements of each.

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