On Mon, 8 Nov 2010, Don Dutile wrote:

> IMO, the pieces that the Xen folks have to whip into shape are the tools;
> the missing kernel pieces are fairly well known (backend drivers), although 
> Xen folks
> are considering blkback in userspace instead of kernel space, so that may be
> a new twist.

I did see a post which mentioned that qemu had blkback and netback and 
wondering if they would work with xen, but I don't know any more than 

> So, getting Xen support in the following 2 userspace tools is critical: 
> qemu & libvirt; the latter means a new interface to xen libxc (dropping 
> xend), so xen fixes can be tracked to latest xen upstream.  I've seen a 
> fair amt of activity to add xen support to upstream qemu; I haven't been 
> following libvirt devel to see if xen support to libxc has been active 
> or not (but would like to hear if so).

I think the line now is that xl/libxenlight is the way forward, eg. see
Both the current xen (4.0.1) and the next (4.1, which might be the current 
version when F15 is released) will still have xend but it will deprecated 
in 4.1.

        Michael Young
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