As far as I can tell, Fedora's grubby does not yet support the GRUB
syntax required by Xen, e.g.,

    title Fedora (
        root (hd0,0)
        kernel /xen-4.0.1.gz
    ==> module /vmlinuz- ...
    ==> module /initramfs-

I don't think it supports multiple "module" keywords.

I am presently working on extending grubby to allow something like the
following (note that the --add-kernel parameter name might change):

grubby --add-multiboot=/boot/xen.gz --mbargs="[xen arguments]" \
        --add-kernel=/boot/vmlinuz- \
        --args="[kernel arguments]" \
        --add-kernel=/boot/initramfs- \
        --title="Xen Hypervisor"

Does this make sense?

How could we tie this into anaconda kernel upgrades? I am thinking of
adding something to /etc/sysconfig/kernel that new-kernel-pkg would
look for. If the flag is present, then new-kernel-pkg could use the
extended grubby syntax. The Fedora Wiki's XenPvopsDom0 document mentions
/etc/sysconfig/xen instead, is this up to date? Should we use this
instead of /etc/sysconfig/kernel?


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