On 11/12/2010 10:58 AM, Digimer wrote:
> On 10-11-12 09:57 AM, Todd Deshane wrote:
>> There is also an ongoing discussion about Xen vs. KVM performance on
>> the CentOS virt list
>> http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-virt/2010-October/002074.html
> There are some interesting ideas and insightful comments there. I am
> tempted to abort my own benchmarking, as it seems others are doing the
> same. I think I will proceed though, until and unless someone there
> releases numbers first.
> As I mentioned before, I've hit a snag with my in-progress benchmarks.
> I've filed a bug but I doubt I will wait for resolution. I'll need a bit
> more time now to setup a RHEL 6 based platform (host and guests). I'm
> still hoping to get most done this weekend, but I make no promises. If
> not, I'll aim for the weekend after to finish.
> Cheers

I wanted to post a follow-up, as I had hoped to have results well before 

I've been working on getting Xen 4.0, dom0 2.6.32 and DRBD 8 running on 
RHEL 6 as part of the cluster testing I want to do. I've *just* finished 
getting these RPMs rolled, thanks to the great work of Pasi and Boris.

I am now fairly pressed for time with the holidays coming, so I do not 
expect to have a chance to revisit the benchmarking until the new year. 
I won't bother giving a date, instead opting for "when it's done, I'll 
post it" statement.

Sorry for the delays. With luck, anyone interested should be able to 
duplicate the setup with a simple repo addition, if all goes well. :)

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