>> I just booted 2.6.38-0.rc4.git3.1.xendom0.fc15 on
>> xen-4.1.0-0.1.rc4.fc14.x86_64. I end up with the xen_netback kernel
>> module loaded:
>> $ lsmod | grep net
>> xen_netback            24607  0 [permanent]
>> I'm not sure if this is what you were refering to by "indeed the hack
>> stops xen-netback loading..."
> The latest dom0 kernel and the latest xen rc should work unaltered.
> The hack I referred to was an edit to a file from the xen rc to get
> the previous dom0 kernel working.

I've looked more into my trouble, and it seems that "xl" does not want
to play nicely with the vif-route script.

First, the udev subsystem executes vif-setup after Xen creates the
vif device. For some reason, this script does not have $script defined
and so it defaults to vif-bridge. Once I changed it to run vif-route
things went further. I'm not entirely sure how $script is supposed to
be set, but it worked fine with xm.

Next, vif-route did not pick up $ip from my domain configuration's "vif =
[ 'ip=w.x.y.z' ]." When using xm, vif-route would find $ip set properly
and would create a route based on its value.

Networking between Dom0 and DomU works with a modified vif-setup script
and a manually added route. Once I get it going, networking seems to be


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