Hi all, new to list.

One of my personal laments is that much of the web's content is not 
dated.  Because of that I'm having trouble finding which set of 
instructions to follow to get xen onto f14_x64.

Done already:

Installed myoung's latest f12.xendom0 which boots and runs in f14 
environment but when set to boot xen.gz with modules vmlinuz and 
initrmfs system segfaults

 From what I can see on bootup (first time I couldn't make a machine go 
*slow* enough ;) xen.gz boots successfully but fails almost immediately 
after beginning to load the kernel.

Motherboard has no com ports and the bios' default font size is so large 
that whatever error messages scroll away.

System is gigabyte ga-890gpa-ud3h mobo, processor is AMD Phenom(tm) II 
X4 B60, ram is 8G high quality memory so I'm disinclined to think it's 
hardware problem.

Any suggestions for debugging?  Let me know if anyone needs more 
specific information.

Thanks to any and all volunteers!
Mike Wright
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