On 03/06/2011 01:58 PM, M A Young wrote:
> On Sun, 6 Mar 2011, Mike Wright wrote:
>> Installed myoung's latest f12.xendom0 which boots and runs in f14
>> environment but when set to boot xen.gz with modules vmlinuz and
>> initrmfs system segfaults
>>  From what I can see on bootup (first time I couldn't make a machine go
>> *slow* enough ;) xen.gz boots successfully but fails almost immediately
>> after beginning to load the kernel.
>> Motherboard has no com ports and the bios' default font size is so large
>> that whatever error messages scroll away.
> To change the font add vga=ask,keep to the xen line and console=hvc0 to
> the kernel line, then pick a resolution when prompted. You may also need
> to add earlyprintk=xen to the kernel line.
> Another thing to try is adding dom0_mem=max:2GB to the xen line as there
> have been problems with letting the Dom0 have too much memory.

This is great! Thanks for the help.

Minimized clock and maximized vga settings slowed it enough to get an 
idea of where the kernel is throwing a fault.

The kernel boots for quite a while then just after some "cgroup" stuff 
it mentions a line about L1 cache, a few more lines, then something 
about "Performance events AMD PMU driver"

this is followed by a --cut here-- and the next line says something 
about enlighten.c

This isn't a lot to go on but I hope it points to somewhere recognizable.

I can try to localize it more with some help.

Thanks again,
Mike Wright
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