On 03/16/2011 03:00 PM, Mike Wright wrote:
> Hi all,
> Using f14-x86_64 installed from the LiveCD with myoung's f12-xendom0. 
> It boots both standalone and with xen.
> /sys/hypervisor is populated.
> /proc/cpuinfo reports CPU is AMD Phenom II X4 B60 "Black Edition". 
> Virtualization is [ENABLED] in the BIOS.

Could help to provide the full /proc/cpuinfo output, as well as 'virsh
--connect xen:/// capabilities' as root

> I'm trying to add a virtual machine using Virtual Machine Manager 0.8.5 
> but when I select *New* I receive the following:
> "Warning: Host does not appear to support hardware virtualization. 
> Install options may be limited."
> According to this link (s.b. one line) it does.
> "http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K10/AMD-Phenom%20II%20X2%20560%20-%20HDZ560WFK2DGM%20%28HDZ560WFGMBOX%29.html";.
> Now according to another webpage the AMD processor must have the flag 
> "svm" to have virtualization.  My CPU does NOT have that flag but it 
> does have one called "hypervisor".

Hmm, not sure what the hypervisor flag is, but virtinst is looking for vmx or
svm reported in libvirt capabilities

> The question becomes "will this CPU work with Xen?".  If it will, does 
> this mean there is a bug in virtinst?  Can I ignore the warning?

That link claims your cpu should be showing the svm flag AFAICT. If you
recently enabled virt in the bios, make sure you fully turn off your machine
and let it sit for a couple minutes (yes this can actually make a difference
with bios settings).

Additionally check your motherboard manufacturer website and make sure your
board supports your CPU and has the latest bios update installed.

- Cole
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