>> I assume Fedora 15 will ship with 2.6.38 kernel?
> That is what the current F15 kernel is, 2.6.39 won't be ready for
> another couple of months, so it is highly likely.
>> There was some discussions earlier if we could add the various
>> xen backend drivers as additional patches for F15 kernel..
>> what was the end result of that discussion?
> It was left open, because we didn't know what the patches would be
> at the time.

I think the next near-term step is to get Xen 4.1 in Fedora. As Pasi
pointed out, this will allow the use of userspace backend drivers. But,
I thought that the userspace stuff worked with 2.6.38. Is it .38 or
(the future) .39?


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