Hi all,

Very confused as to which list I should post: xen, fedora, fedora-xen. 
Apologies if this is the wrong one.  Pointer to the most appropriate 
list is welcome.

Current system is f14 with full updates, myoung's kernel 2.6.32.+, 
booted with xen 4.0.1.  Hardware is AMD with svm, lotsa ram.

After fighting with the all-in-one GUIs for virtmanager I gave up and 
tried to recycle my configs from a 2006 box running xen3 (which still 
purrs) and can't even get past scripts/network-bridge without a hang or 
no bridges.

I'm not asking for help on creating a vm, just on getting dom0 to 
recognize even one single bridge, even the default one.  My feeling is 
that if I can get that far I can take it from here.

Does anybody have a working example of a current xend-config.sxp for a 
machine running xend with f14?

Mike Wright
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